In addition to STRUE, the developers will participate with minting meme tokens with sixty percent (60%) of the minted tokens benefiting various charitable causes. 

There are three meme tokens with their charitable causes releasing in 2022 and they benefit the Amazon Preservation (#AMZN), Big Cats Rescue (#BCAT), and Blue Waves (#BLWVS). 

The potential for speculative traders to do well by doing good has never been greater. 

Amazon Preservation (#AMZN) is the first socially responsible meme tokens minted.  It is unique because the majority of the tokens minted benefit purchasing tracts land in the Amazon rainforest for preservation.  With proper planning, we believe millions of acres of land can be protected from deforestation.

For example; if #AMZN can perform ten percent (10%) as well as Shibu Inu (SHIB), millions of Amazon rainforest acres will be preserved.  The higher the tokens value, the greater the funds impact.  Amazon rain forest acres are being sold in large tracts with an average price of $100 per acre so the potential to buy millions of acres to preserve is here.

Shibu Inu is mentioned because speculative cryptocurrency traders watched Shibu Inu create a market cap exceeding $18.5 billion dollars.  Its original listing price of $.000000000056 per token increased to its current price as of January 2022 is $.00003379 (that’s an increase of 59,898,465%).  Yes, that is almost a 60 million percent return.  It is no wonder there are new cryptocurrency millionaires made daily and why so many speculative traders are willing to gamble on meme tokens.

Traders will find familiarity in trading Amazon Preservation (#AMZN), Big Cats Rescue (#BCAT), and Blue Waves (#BLWVS) because its coding will be very similar to SHIB 

As part of the STRUE rollout, Spectruth will set aside five percent (5%) of each meme coin minting to use as an airdrop reward for STRUE holders.  A snapshot of STRUE holders is taken on the day of each meme token’s deployment and each  one (1) STRUE token will receive fifty (50) meme tokens.  (For example, a person holding 1,000,000 STRUE tokens will receive 50,000,000 #AMZN tokens, 50,000,000 #BCAT tokens, and 50,000,000 #BLWVS tokens.

Do you have to be a Founder's Member to support a charitable cause?

No.  Feel free to buy a digital badge to proudly display on your social media.    

How to support a charitable cause and receive free meme tokens? 

  1. Go to online shop found on the Founder's Club page
  2. Buy a badge for a charitable cause you support
  3. Pay with Paypal or NOWPayments (if paying with a cryptocurrency)
  4. Return the completed Wallet form by clicking on the email button located on the form or send it to
  5. Proudly display your badge on your social media platforms :)


What tokens have been announced? 

Token Symbol: #AMZN


Charitable Cause: We will engage in the most cost-effective projects to preserve Amazon rainforest.  Large tracts of Amazon rainforest are available for approximately $100 USD per acre.  


Token Symbol: #BLWVS

Token Name: BLUE WAVES

Charitable Cause: We fund projects that will prevent plastic from entering the Ocean because by focusing our efforts on 10 rivers that produce 95% of all plastic in the Ocean.


Token Symbol: #BCATS


Charitable Cause: We fund and create Big Cat Rescues that will focus on repopulating wild snow leopard, white tigers, panthers, tigers, and lions.